Mary Saxton

Eunice Krinsky

​Deb Shoenberger

Trish Lange

Sally Raskoff

Rosalie Kessing

Deanna Deeds

Nicki Bair

Noriko Kage Fink

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​Susan Horton

Shelly Thompson

Fiber artists use more than thread and yarn to create. Paper, monofilament, mixed media, sculpture and many more materials and techniques are used.

Designing Weavers members' work encompass a variety of fiber techniques, materials, and styles. Click on the photos to link to an artists page or use the pull down menu above. 

Many of our artists also teach workshops and give presentations and seminars. Go to Workshops to see a list of what the artists offer and to contact them directly.

Deborah Heyman

Harriett Ringold

Rebecca Smith