Deanna J. Deeds

Deanna has worked with yarn and fabrics from childhood, and has been weaving since the late 1980s. From an education in physics and a career in engineering, Deanna has been fascinated with the mathematical beauty of the production and structure of textiles. Experimenting with many weaves, producing clothing, accessories and home furnishings, her work has evolved to focus on the combination of hand-manipulated techniques like sprang into woven fabric. Working the sprang while the cloth is on the loom, she incorporates curved forms onto the orthogonal grid of warp and weft.

Artist Statement

"I am moved by the angle of light in early evening or autumn, and by the total immersion in the moment when making music or dancing. In weaving I observe movement through time and space that touches me similarly. My layered application of sprang with weaving forms an hourglass motif, a reminder to slow down, reflect and enjoy Creation."

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