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Rosalie Kessing

Rosalie began her career as a fiber artist in the early '70's when, as she says, "I was a hippy with embroidered jeans." She was hooked on this medium and as her skills developed so did the sophistication of her materials. She began using gold, silver, and silk thread with precious stones and pearls while exploring Or Nué (or shaded gold), a form of embroidery developed in the Middle Ages. Using couching, colored silk threads are stitched over a metallic base of gold threads to form patterns or designs. By varying the spacing and color of the couching stitches, elaborate, gleaming images are created.

Rosalie's work has been seen in multiple galleries nationwide and published in industry and fashion publications including Vogue magazine. She has taught classes in the Or Nué technique both nationally and locally. 

Recently her fiber arts interests have expanded to weaving where she loves to explore the use of color and complex weave structures.