Susan van Winkle

Susan grew up bilingual in Ontario, Canada. During the winter months, relatives on her French-Canadian mother’s side, who lived on farms, wove the textiles their family needed. When she was 12, a visit to Upper Canada Village’s 1866 reenactment of coverlet weaving on a 100-inch wide counterbalance loom sparked the desire to learn how to weave.  At the age of 20, she  took beginning weaving classes at a French-Canadian Cultural center. She still loves to make elegant traditional, linens on her Leclerc counterbalance loom from 1950’s Quebec.


Moving to San Diego in 2001, she joined the local guild, purchased an 8-shaft Schacht loom, and achieved the Master Weaver certification from the San Diego Creative Weavers’ Guild. She loves to hand-paint cotton and rayon warps, producing one of a kind shawls, scarves, ruanas and other garments with cashmere or silk wefts.

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